Парсер keywords с овертюры и Google. AdWords & Keywords Hot Features

Парсер keywords с овертюры и Google. AdWords & Keywords Hot Features

Seach Engine Marketing

* Related Keywords and Popularity
Enter a keyword or multiple keywords, you’ll received many related keywords and the popularity(searches per month) of them.
* Competitions from Google and Overture
Don’t view overture/google adwords in your browser one by one. AdWords & Keywords’ll do this automatically and batch.
* Region Simulation
View USA and other countries AdWords directly no matter which country you live in!
* Popular Keywords
Just one click, you’ll be informed about what keywords are most popular on the internet recently.
* AdWords Editor
The integrated AdWords Editor helps you write your adwords offline. Of course, it’s more powerful than the online form on Google.
* Keywords Reviser
This feature’ll make sure your keyword list is valid. The typical broad, phrase and exact match options are also available.
* Html/Csv Output
Allows you export your important search results to Html

Adwords & Keywords is a powerful adwords and keywords analyzer for affiliate marketers or anyone who advertises on Google or Overture. It helps you instantly uncover targeted keywords with high search volume and very little competition. Fast and detailed! Adwords & Keywords also allows you export the search result to HTML/CSV format files. And the unique Pop Keywords feature’ll make you to be the very first advertiser! Additionally, the integrated AdWords Editor and Keywords Reviser is very useful and easy-to-use. In one word, Adwords & Keywords is a must-have tool to discover the quick and easy way to drive massive amounts of laser-targeted traffic to your site!

В белое окошечко закидываеш кейворды выбираеш регион из которого тянуть и нажимаеш SEARCH и ждеш покуда оно пропарсит кейворды . Если ты галочек наставил много,
тогда нужно время обработать запросы которые ты выбрал и это траффик и время.

AdWords & Keywords Hot Features

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    Бесплатную программу вы вряд ли найдёте. Могу попробовать поискать.

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